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We Manufacture Thunderbird and Galaxie Sheet Metal Parts

Black Friday Sale !

We are having a sale of all the Thunderbird and Galaxie sheet metal parts that we make ourselves.

The discount is 35% off will expire on the 28th of November.
If the stock number begins with a letter than we do not make it ourselves so the sale will not apply but these parts are made in the USA.

We make all the Thunderbird and Galaxie parts that begin with a number right here in Charlotte and do not import them from Taiwan or China, as some of our competitors do.


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1958-1960 Thunderbird Trunk sheet metal

4010 Hartley St. Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28206

Click Here to go directly to our 1958-60 Thunderbird Trunk Sheet Metal Parts.


1958-60 Thunderbird Trunk Floor Sheet Metal

Buy Direct From The Manufacturer !

Classic Sheet Metal has been the manufacturer of quality Thunderbird sheet metal repair panels for  over 35 years.

Welcome to our small bird store. The image on the left is a gallery of the Sheet metal repairs we have for your Thunderbird.

If you run your mouse over the area you need and click it, it will open a page with a photo gallery of the parts we manufacturer for your car.
Click here to go directly to our store,  where you will  be able to purchase the parts you need.

We also include related items on the left, so if you order one side of a part the opposite side is easily found.

We have taken special care to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. 

We will be adding information to help you install the parts too!
All the parts we carry are made only in the USA. 


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