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Made in the USA  Sale!

We are offering a 25% discount off ahll our Thunderbird
and Galaxie partgs that are manufactured by us!
Sale ends March 30th


Now Available!

1963 Galaxie Trunk Channel rear corners!

1961-2 Galaxie Lower front of rear quarters.


Sheet Metal



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1965 Ford

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1965-1967 Ford  Sheet Metal

Classic Sheet Metal has been the manufacturer of quality Thunderbird sheet metal repair panels for over 35 years.

We had so many requests for quality sheet metal panels for other cars,we searched for another domestic manufacturer and their parts can now be purchased through Classic Sheet Metal.

Welcome to our 1965-1967 Ford store. The image on the left is an image of your 1965-1967 Ford. This diagram gives you a brief detail of the parts available for your car.  If you run your mouse over an area you need and click it , it will open a page with more information on that part; including the price, description and sometimes dimensions. You will also be able to purchase the parts you need.

There is also a photo gallery below, which shows other cars we can help you with. They can be found by using the browse menu above.

We have taken special care to make this experience as enjoyable as possible.

All the parts we carry are made only in the USA.  

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Our Parts Are Made In the USA!


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* (All parts made by Us have a serial number starting with a number.)