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We are having a sale on all our Thunderbird and Galaxie sheet metal parts that we manufacturey ourselves. This discount is 25% and will expire on August 8th

Steel prices have increased 25% for us. We will be raising prices soon!

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1966 Galaxie Lower front  & Lower rear of rear quarters

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Sheet Metal


1956 Thunderbird

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1955-1957 Thunderbird  Rocker & Door Sheet Metal

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Classic Sheet Metal has been the manufacturer of quality Thunderbird sheet metal repair panels for  over 35 years.

Welcome to our 1955, 1956, 1957 Thunderbird Rocker and Door sheet metal page.  If you run your mouse over an area you need and click  on it,  it will open  to a gallery of  that part. Any further information can be found by clicking on this Shop Here link,  where you will also be able to purchase the parts you need.

We also include related items on the left on the Shop here section so if you order one side of a part the opposite side is easily found.

We have taken special care to make this experience as enjoyable as possible.

We will be adding information to help you install the parts too!
All the parts we carry are made only in the USA. 

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Our Parts Are Made In the USA!


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* (All parts made by Us have a serial number starting with a number.)